World Record Attempt

Date – DV 16 October 2021, 11h00 to 14h00

Amazing Products in the Goodie Bags – yours to take home with you…. and exquisite prizes to be won




Message from our CEO August Schmiedeskamp

Join us for this Exciting Event. Participants are joining daily – and everyone is practicing their moves. Easy moves. Fun moves. Join in the fun!!

If you have a dance partner – Great! if not – we have plenty of dance partners, eager to dance with you.

We’ll be dancing to Queen’s “Don’t stop me now” – and Queen is waiting to hear from us, about our success. Yes!

Herewith below, the actual music we’ll be performing to – just listen to that sound and beat!!! The Rock Band Queen will be over the moon with us….

Some of our Participants, practicing with Gusto!

Kindly complete your detail below, submit and we’ll be in touch 

***** Are you a Wheelchair User? If so, please scroll up to the opt-in box above this one? the one for Wheelchair Users? This one is for

ABLE Bodied Dance Partners. 

The first minute of the choreography, in the videos below. The rest will follow, once you’ve completed your detail. The first part, where it is just music, is free format – strong hand and arm movements as you wish. Double time. For those participants with limited or no use of your arms – our CEO August has véry, very limited use of his arms – that is why we’ve added the use of a ribbon, and Guinness Book of Records is delighted with the use of our ribbons.

Note – All Dancers will use the ribbon as illustrated below

See you on the Dance Floor!

Any questions? Please send an email to

If they can do it, We can do it! and we’re gonna do it…. 

Just imagine….. 130 couples on the dance floor, 260 dancers on the dance floor, dancing in sync

We’ll be participating in the “Formation Dance” Section

Way to go!!

Remember to submit your detail please